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Summer Lovin’

Popular songs & films would have us believe

that everyone looks forward to summer – we’re all naturally “Summer-lovin’”… but did you know that many women dread the upcoming heat of summer?

Many women endure rashes and feelings of self-consciousness in anticipation of summer – the thought of sweating profusely and overheating can start to overwhelm us, even before summer has started! Especially those of us around middle age, as we start to feel the onset of menopause symptoms, oftentimes combining with slightly less confidence to wear the skimpy skin-revealing clothes.

The good news is that there’s no need to worry any longer, because linen will save us!

Mandorle’s light, loose summer linen dresses are blissfully airy and comfortable, without compromising on style and beauty, even at the height of summer.

For us, linen dresses, tops, skirts and trousers are an essential part of our wardrobe when living in, or visiting, hot and humid climates. We love them not only for their natural and timeless beauty, but also for the many benefits they offer during warmer weather – for example:

Heat conduction

Linen boasts the innate ability to conduct heat. This means that the excess heat that your body gives off passes through the fabric and is dispersed into the air, keeping you always feeling fresh and at a naturally comfortable temperature. It is estimated that the heat conductivity of linen is 5 times higher than wool and 18 times higher than silk!

Heat reflection

While linen takes heat away from the body, it also reflects it, which is a characteristic unique to linen fabric making it the perfect summer fabric. The ability of your linen dress, top, skirt and trousers to protect you from the sun while moisture wicking, means your linen clothes won’t stick to your skin, instead ensuring airflow, cooling and comfort during summer.


Linen is a breathable, natural fabric, which means it draws moisture away from the body reducing irritation and lessening the likelihood and severity of rashes that may otherwise occur in summer due to sweat and the skin being in contact with less natural fabrics.

Versatility and Durability

Wear linen to the beach and then out for dinner! Mandorle’s linen clothing have been designed to be sophisticated, comfortable and long-lasting, gifting the flexibility to be both casual and formal in the same day, depending on accessories.

Shop Now on Mandorle’s website, or come spend a day in the beautiful Brunswick Heads and fashion your wardrobe with Mandorle for a comfortable and stylish summer.

We’d love to welcome you to our store and share some of our summer must-haves with you.



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