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Two dresses for all occasions and body types

Put an end to the "what-do-I-wear" dilemma once and for all and say hello to two dresses that effortlessly fit all occasions and body types.

1. Meet the Shelley dress

Casual or formal, summer to winter, the Shelley dress features a gathered waist line that curves slightly towards two generous front pockets. The rounded neckline and inverted pleat on the back centre neckline adds elegance, while the generosity of material allows for a relaxed fit that includes most sizes. Grace and comfort combine with below knee length combined with a slightly longer than usual elbow length sleeve, offering added sun protection, or fold up the sleeves for more visual interest. The Shelley dress is made from 100% luxurious resort-inspired Italian linen, inspired by a fusion of styles: empire and kafta tea-length dresses; the silhouette is timeless, flattering and classy and the generosity of linen allows for an aesthetic that befits both formal and informal situations.

2. Say hello to the Daniela dress

A beautiful long shift dress featuring four panels, a curved hem, rounded neckline, and pockets. Loose fitting, flowy, the Daniela dress subtlely drapes away from curves, slightly ballooning, to make a flattering, easy to wear and comfortable dress for all occasions, seasons and body types.

The design and fabric allows for the skin to breathe, for easy layering, for a wide range of motions, making it a winning dress all year round. Featuring an elbow length sleeve that can be rolled up, or left longer for extra sun protection or warmth, it's wonderful for an endless summer and under a winter jacket.

Accessorise with long necklaces, chunky bracelets, scarfs, or a bold handbag and the Daniela dress will be a memorable and versatile wardrobe staple for many years to come. Dress it up, dress it down, it really is a perfect dress for both formal and informal occasions.

Both the Shelley and Daniela dresses are from Mandorle's Penelope collection, an ode to love and longing. Available in 2 sizes: S/M; L/XL; great for curves and straight with a material composition of 100% linen.



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