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Our Story 

Mandorle is celebrated for its high-quality Italian linen garments and vivid color palettes. Every annual collection narrates a captivating story, drawing inspiration from memorable moments brimming with romance, longing, and liberation.

With a profound love for natural fabrics and a dedication to ethical fashion, Mandorle is a sustainable Australian fashion brand. This label is the embodiment of the vision and passion of its founder, Manuela. 

Manuela, the creative genius behind Mandorle, is a woman of both style and substance. After migrating to Australia in 2008, she founded Mandorle in 2011, opening a boutique in the picturesque coastal town of Brunswick Heads, NSW. 

Manuela's background is as diverse as her interests. She has extensive experience in the fashion industry and a deep passion for color combinations and their meanings. But her expertise doesn't stop there; she also holds degrees in western herbalism and psychology. This unique blend of knowledge and creativity fuel her innovative approach to design.

Manuela's eclectic mind and relentless pursuit of knowledge and beauty are the driving forces behind Mandorle. She's not just a businesswoman - she's a visionary, dedicated to creating a brand that embodies her love for fashion, her respect for nature, and her belief in the power of women. 

Designed meticulously in Australia, the brand honors Manuela's Italian roots while simultaneously embracing her love for fashion and the Australian coastal lifestyle. Manuela attributes the success of Mandorle to the unwavering support of a small team of dedicated women who are passionate about what they do.

From the skilled seamstress and pattern maker Jacque Zoellner, to Angela Rowland who handles digital marketing and business development, Mandorle's team consists of seekers who stand for the empowerment of women everywhere.

A little fun fact! The name 'Mandorle' translates to 'Almond' in Italian. This is a nod to the brand's commitment to nurturing comfort, style, and confidence in every person who wears their garments.

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