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Unveiling Linen Legends: "High Vibe" Textiles and the Healing Power of Linen

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According to a 2003 study conducted by Dr. Heidi Crawford-Yellen (1), the human body, fabrics, indeed most items on earth, possess measurable "vibrational" frequencies that have real-world implications.

Dr. Yellen's research suggests that the higher the frequency of the fabric in contact with the human body, the more beneficial it is for human well-being.

Drawing inspiration from ideas proposed by Nobel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, and Albert Einstein, Dr Yellen's study utilised a specialised device known as an Ag-Environ machine, invented by agricultural innovator Bob Graham. Through this device, they measured the frequencies of fabrics and humans, discovering that the human body, like organic cotton had an average frequency of 100mHz, whereas synthetic materials, such as polyester, only measured around 10mHz.

On the other hand, linen exhibited the highest fabric frequency of 5000mHz, making it an extremely rare and powerful fabric, comparable only to wool.

On the Healing Power of Linen Dr Yellen says:

"Linen is a super-frequency fabric with its 'signature frequency' of 5000mHz, which promotes healing and supports human wellbeing"

Conversely, anything measuring below 100mHz is believed by Dr Yellen and her supporters to induce discomfort and place strain the human body.

While there is no scientific consensus established regarding the concept of "signature" or "resonant frequency," her study indicates that the measurement of the vibrational frequency of the human body and fabrics, indeed most items on Earth, could be achieved and potentially utilised for healing.

This concept of resonant frequencies aligns with various spiritual traditions, further enhancing the enigmatic and mystical nature of linen, distinguishing it from other fabrics. Indeed, linen is mentioned in the Torah and Bible numerous times. White linen specifically is associated in many religions with purity and considered an "ordinance" for Jewish priests during Yom Kipper.

"And to her it was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright: For fine linen is the righteousness of Saints.” - Revelation 19:8
Walking in white linen on windy beach

Interestingly though both the Torah and Bible warn against wearing wool and linen together, without really stating why. Dr Yellers 2003 study suggests that the currents of wool and linen run in opposite directions, which if worn together would cancel out each others 'high frequencies,' reducing their healing properties to zero.

Regardless of whether Dr. Yellen's research is validated or not, the therapeutic qualities of linen have been highly valued across the world for thousands of years.

Bandages and hospital sheets were made from linen for most of human history; Medical practitioners long believed linen helped protect and fight against infection, thanks to linens breathability and ability to prevent the growth of different types of bacteria and fungi; more evidence that linen is an unmatchable fabric that can aide human health and healing.

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Link to source:

  1. Dr. Heidi Yellen, 2013, "Linen - The preferred Fabric for Clothing of Healing, Healthy Living and Well-being," - Journal Hebrews Today, Edition Tikkun Olam to Heal the World with Living Flax, Jan. March 2013, accessed May 2023 at:



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